26 June 2007


Nadine & Nicole, designer of Nani Coldine

Marie, author, & Paul, mediadesigner

19 June 2007


Finally we have a new up to date fashion store/boutique in cologne... GOLD, Antwerpener Straße 13. Being up to date is kind of their motto, as stated in an addition to their actual name: GOLD - Mode zur Zeit. They sell fashion and accessories from young designers from Europe and besides that, books and records. Some name dropping follows...Kaviar Gauche, Cheap Monday, Eksempel, Presque Fini, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Wood Wood, Sabrina Dehoff etc. In the music department you can find a selection of smaller/indie record companies e.g. Ghostly Records, Kompakt or Noisedeluxe Rec.

16 June 2007

on the streets in cologne #3


Tina & Oliver


14 June 2007

Die verkappten Roboter

Sue Denim of electro duo Robots in Disguise shows us around in BERLIN.

10 June 2007

While searching the internet for nice things to wear (that I cannot afford), I came across the online shop of Le Train Bleu. They have a really nice range of clothing there. I found this dress...

...and fell in love! Unfortunately it is sold out already. It reminded me of something Vitkor & Rolf would or could have designed as the bow was kind of their trademark for years. I tried to find a picture of a breath-taking dress by Viktor & Rolf that was exhibitetd in the Groninger Museum until last year.

I could only find this one, which is kind of the white version of the black one I am talking about. Both dresses were fabulous though, pleated and with bows allover.

And if you are in Milaan take a look at Viktor & Rolf's boutique...
It is like a viktorian ballroom turned upside down.

9 June 2007


Okay, we cannot escape from this new trend - the NERD Look.

I googled some old highschool pictures to give you some original inspiration. And please, if anyone recognizes him or herself here... this is not to mock you but to show you were a fashion pioneer!

Of course there are some designers that take this nerd-thing to a more sophisticated level, such as Yuko Yoshitake, which I found via bored & beautiful...

...and our all time favourite 80ies-sporty-nerd-provider American Apparel provides us (as I just said) with some ultra hot glasses...

And for those among us who need a little bit more check out this video from weird Al "white & nerdy". It is of course not really a fahionable inspiration but more a research on what nerdy actually means...

Jen Stark

A little while ago I found a picture of one of Jen Starks sculptures. She makes the most colourful sculptures from paper. When I visited her website, i found a lot more... For example the very delicate cut-out leaves - I assume she did the cutting on the fresh leaves and lets them dry afterwards!?