30 September 2007

&hearts &hearts &hearts

As you can see in my header, I have a crush on hummingbirds - well actually on birds in general. Small birds. So when I discovered the artwork of Peter Callesen I fell totally in love with the following pieces.

Distant Wish, 2006

The Impossible Meeting Between Image and Reality, 2006

Lucie Saint-Leu designs wonderful jewellery inspired by les nouveaux arts and old movies like Bonnie & Clyde.

This collection was designed for the clothes line of Cocotte.

26 September 2007

My heart leaps up when I behold 
A rainbow in the sky ... 
William Wordsworth 

Last saturday I have been to a party named Select. It is a combination of a photo exhibition and a party actually. I spotted this picture and since I liked it, I asked the photographer to letting me publish it. Andy Rohde is a mediadesign student- and photography is his passion. At first I thought, the picture was taken in Berlin - you maybe heard of the Plattenbau which is a very common kind of architecture in the east of Germany. But no, also in cologne we have ugly buildings like this (who am I kidding - of course we have). Andy really did a good job to lighten up the atmosphere, though. And that is exactly what made this picture so appealing to me. To see a little more of Andy's photos, visit his blog on his myspace site.

25 September 2007

:: Konichiwa Bitches ::

No - I am not calling you bitches, Robyn is! Have a little wake-up call and watch this video of swedens latest pop export.

pretty in pink

As far as Jose Castro is concerned, we will all be wearing pink next summer. No I have to put it differently - we will be wearing ONLY pink. Every set except for one was pink. This is what I call Eye Candy. Sugar. Cotton Candy. Cupcakes. Lollipos. Butterflies. Sweet. Charlie and the Chocolate Fabric. Eye Candy.

24 September 2007

the state of things

When I was a lilttle child, one of my favourite plush animals was a panda bear. His name was Nicki - because he was so soft and cuddly (Nicki is also the german word for 'velour')! So when I see one I get those nostalgic feelings. Lately I discovered the illustrations of Heiko Windisch - and obviously he is into panda bears aswell... and monkeys.

I ordered one of his notepads rightaway.

23 September 2007

überall ein overall...

...and soon in my closet? Well, I prefer a single coloured one:-)
Also wanted: one of these high waisted oversized carrot pants:

credits: facehunter, the sartorialist, stilinberlin,hel-looks,copenhagen streetstyle

scarlett O scarlett

We watched The Black Dahlia the other day. What can I say... the 40ies and Scarlett Johannson &hearts - it was just a perfect combination! She is definitely one of my favourite actresses and a fashion icon. The best word that describes her... she looks so... HEALTHY! In every single meaning of the word. Spiritually and physically. I think that is what makes her so different - not trying to be the skinniest one, not trying to be on every party picture. She simply has style.
So please - spare me pictures of those underfed twins.

22 September 2007


work by graphic designer Adam Rix, found via Love.Creative

21 September 2007

Along the winding lovely road...

Scott Hammond is one of those artists I came across on myspace. (It is a treasure chest after all...) Hammond travels America and takes pictures with his polaroid camera. I really love the vintage look of polaroid pictures and I wish I had such a camera myself.

20 September 2007


I would absolutely wear every single piece of the recent collection of the swedish label m.sahlberg.

18 September 2007

Can't Touch This

Say hello to my new hammerpants...
pants: h&m
jacket, belt & shoes: vintage
Gabriel & Schwan

17 September 2007

sunshine & shadows

Just what I like - clear colours and cuts: the autumn/winter collection of sunshine & shadows. I also like the name btw.

15 September 2007


Don't we all say humor is the most important attribute on a man? Many beautiful woman are with, let's say... man that are beautiful from the inside. I rarely see it the other way round - especially in celebrity-lala-land.
Just noticing...

Isn't her dress just lovely? (Okay, I just added this picture as an alibi...)

13 September 2007


Yesterday I saw that they already started to sell christmas sweets at the supermarket. That (besides that it makes me feel awkward when they start selling marzipan at the beginning of september) reminded me of my intention to look for christmas presents a little earlier then a week in advance - THE HORROR...

Actually I plan to do so every year and never really managed it yet. I only find myself looking for what I want for christmas.
So here are some jewellery that could be on my wishlist this year...

necklaces by Alex & Chloe

Fairytales - necklace and ring by Frau der Ringe

charm pin by Beci Orpin aka Princess Tina, available at BusyBeing

seventies style ginkgo necklace by Erica Weiner, available at chocosho

cute pin by Allira, available at chocosho

10 September 2007

Paris, Paris

I have to admit I have never been to Paris yet! It is on the top top of two of my wish lists:

  1. 'places i'd like to go' and
  2. 'places i'd like to go with my sweetheart and just be in love' (which means - besides making it - eat at nice little restaurants and stroll hand in hand through the city plus a little shopping on the side).

'Je t'aime' is a lamp by Pierre Gonalons - actually it is more than a lamp it is a declaration of love to the city of love!

This one is called 'sunrise'.

Très jolie, n'est pas?

cotton candy

Danish Designer Maria Kirk Mikkelsen has designed this knitted Pink Powder Puf/Pillow. It looks so light en puffy, just like cotton candy.

6 September 2007

Illusive 2

Coming soon: the second edition of a collection of contemporary illustrations by Gestalten Verlag. Available here...