31 August 2007

Biking in heels?

Via f&art I read about copenhagen girls on bikes and that it is apparently a sensation to ride your bike with heels, at least did Mahret respond to this post from do this don't.
Well , what else am I supposed to do when taking the metro is no option because of all the people having bodycontact (and in the end you end up walking much more)... and you do not have a car (plus driving the car is also dangerous with heels - isn't it even forbidden here in germany?). Of course I ride my bike with heels!
But I have to admit it is not really as easy as Mahret says, at least with my bike. The breaks are not doing that well, and sometimes at traffic lights I would have to more or less jump of my bike. That kinda hurts in heels.

Then I came across these shoes these shoes by ilovesheila, the so called 'Sheila Driving wheel'.
Apparently you can turn this heel with one click into a flat or the other way round. So here we go girls, this is the solution to all our problems!

29 August 2007


Maybe some of you already wondered 'why does she say this blog is also about food?' Well, to be honest: I am obsessed with food. I am passionate about fashion and everything - but I am kind of obsessed with food. With good food, that is. I love cooking and I can spend the whole day on thinking what to prepare next. When I started this blog I only thought it to be natural that it would be about food as well. But since I am not going to post recipes and show you what I had for breakfast, lunch or dinner, food related topics should also be a bit of art. And here we come to the point: it is hard to find something like that. Much easier I stumbled upon fashion related stuff. But in the meantime, I collected at least some material about food+design+art.
To begin with I picked out the best food design material ever: CHOCOLATE!

Chocolate tiles with lace imprint by Katja Gruiters

Happy Easter! Is it really made of chocolate? By stick-a-thing

This one I found on my computer without any link - I just do not remember where I found it! Anyone who can help me out?
EDIT: designed by Tithi Kutchamuch, a london based designer

Mimico make toy memory sticks and for christmas you got a chocolate version as a present! Via notcot

That's the way to give your heart away! Part of a chocolate exhibtion in japanese gallery 21-21. Read more about it on PingMag.

21 August 2007

c/o pop day five

Actually there was no more c/o pop on day five for us since we felt more like this little guy.

c/o pop day four

We decided to meet up with the Distortion bus again -they really got us hooked up- and went to some private party under a bridge on the rhine. The party itself sucked, but there were of course still the djs on he bus who provided us with some great tunes. After that we went to the party in the Gewölbe im Westbahnhof, which was part of the "Deutschlandreise".

look of the night

c/pop day three

We planned to got to the concert of elektronic-rap-supergirls M.I.A. who were supported by SICK GIRLS (Berlin). BUT WE MISSED OUT ON THAT BECAUSE THEY DID NOT LET US IN!!! Grrr - I heard M.I.A was great.
So we stood waiting in front of the door, thinking about were to go instead. We already read about some kind of bus shuttle that brings you from location to location with music and drinks. But we did not expect what we saw then. It was a bus, like the ones for public transportation, with the number 666. Smoke came out of the door when it opened and out came some party people from denmark: the bus tour was organised by the guys of the Distortion festival which takes place in Copenhagen every year.
Besides great music they offered free drinks so we did not hesitate and jumped onto the bus.

in the bus

We really had the best night that days going with the bus from one location to the other. We ended up at the Kompakt Party in some huge industrial style building
The party was great - of course: Kompakt is one of the most popular electronic indie-labels in Germany and based in cologne, so they really made their hometown rock that night with their best line-up.

look of the night
the shiny shoes + the pants + the slightly maskuline white shirt + the slightly posh golden jacket = very smart style

djuna barnes - one of the hottest dj's in denmark right now.

c/o pop day two

On thursday UFFIE hit the stage together with FEADZ from Paris. They were supported by Mediengruppe Telekommander from Berlin and the colognebased local heroes MIT who performed first. They really did a good job, the sound was great and their singer was really funny (take it as a compliment).
Uffie only played four songs, until the crowd got out of control and conquered the stage.

I say conquer, because Uffie definitely could not control the situation. The security guys had to play it tough on the people and literally threw them off stage. When the stage was cleared Uffie had disappeared - but Feadz was going on and he really made the audience go crazy (this time they behaved) for some time more.

The credits for the look-of-the-night-picture go to les mads since i was not quick enough (or was I just to shy?) to take a picture of this guy...

He was a fashion exception that night since the rest were (almost) only new rave kids - no offence. The tattoos in combination with -or should I rather say in contrast to- that sophisticated suit just hit my eye immediately.

c/o pop day one

look of the night

Opening concert with APPARAT FEAT. RAZ OHARA of berlinbased elektronic-label BPitch Control aswell as BATTLES from New York who signed to the british Kult-Label Warp.

Raz Ohara



18 August 2007

The glock you pop

At the moment we are enjoying the c/o pop - we got ourselves some festival tickets and are having a great time. Next week I'm back with some pictures.
In the meantime you can enjoy some music of the three "main" acts.

11 August 2007

And now the shoes...

... as promised. Daphne Bikkers designed these shoes for her graduation at the Academy of Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands in 2006. They are all handmade and she even made pairs. She designed her collection in the style of the collection of Antoine Peters graduation at the Fashion Institute Arnhem. In so doing she scored a) brilliant pictures and b) attention from very important fashion people who attend the graduation shows in Arnhem every year.

Very rarely you see cool shoes for men like these ones...

She now headed for London where she is doing her master degree in MA Fashion Footwear. That means we just have to wait a little more until her prototypes turn into buyable products.
To see more check out her profile at the Virtual Shoe Museum - which is worth a visit anyways.

9 August 2007

Do you like my big sweater?

Antoine Peters is obviously a huge (!!) fan of the world of sweaters - or is it more the other way round? His 2006 project is called "A sweater for the world" and he (the sweater) claims to wanted to be worn by "only" one percent of the world population.
Antoine Peters wants to go on a world tour with his two-person sweater - Amsterdam and Paris have been on his way so far. He is taking pictures of the people willing to wear his sweater. For his current collection he made a print of the pictures taken by now and turned the fabric into clothes itself.

But also in his 2006 collection he was kind of obsessed with great sweater - dresses.

I want one too!! But since I am only 1,59m tall (not small) i would probably drown in it - no, not probably - definitely!. Aren't the shoes great as well? They deserve a post of their own, so tune back in...

7 August 2007


photo taken from www.myspace.com/tayako
StilInBerlin just posted some pictures about this aerobic rave on the streets in Berlin. The 80s do not seem to be exhausted. Of course we saw it all coming since American Appaerel is such a hype... We had the leggins and the big shirts (just to mention a few things) for some time now, but I think there is still more to come - like neon and all other flashy colours.
You probably heard it - New Rave. Maybe Rave is more a nineties thing, but New Rave when it comes to the fashion is
definitely inspired by the 80s.

photo taken from BigShinyThing

To sum it up and to give you some more inspiration here is a video of the 80ies heroe / icon Mr.T commenting on fashion.

4 August 2007

just pop

Tado is a duo from the UK who do graphic design, illustration, animation, toy design and everything in between. I came across them when I was actually looking for wallpapers - they also made wallstickers.
When I visted their site (very cute btw) I found the follwoing in their portofolio. They did the wallprints for a fotoshoot for ELLE UK titled 'Tokyo Pop'.

I just love the whole styling.

They also used the vases of Jamie Hayon - I saw them last year on the IMM Cologne. They are just great and all the hype about him is justified.