26 September 2007

My heart leaps up when I behold 
A rainbow in the sky ... 
William Wordsworth 

Last saturday I have been to a party named Select. It is a combination of a photo exhibition and a party actually. I spotted this picture and since I liked it, I asked the photographer to letting me publish it. Andy Rohde is a mediadesign student- and photography is his passion. At first I thought, the picture was taken in Berlin - you maybe heard of the Plattenbau which is a very common kind of architecture in the east of Germany. But no, also in cologne we have ugly buildings like this (who am I kidding - of course we have). Andy really did a good job to lighten up the atmosphere, though. And that is exactly what made this picture so appealing to me. To see a little more of Andy's photos, visit his blog on his myspace site.