20 July 2007


Generally I am not a big fan of recycling fashion or design, but some people just know how to do it!
I came across the works of Stuart Haygarth earlier, but since all that eco-discussing has started, I can put it in another context.

His chandelier is huge (150 cm diameter) and made from empty plastic bottles and containers and basically anything else that is kind of transparent.
When i was looking for other recycling artists/designers i came across this site: Superuse. Different artist or designers propose how to re-use stuff - or better how to give garbage a new meaning.
The follwoing two examples I liked most...

This is a bedroom in a former pipeline in an old industrial building. Click on the picture to see a bigger version (of course you did know that).
The Architects of Lot-ek did a good job restyling this bulding into a beautiful loft. Be sure to visit their website.

The other items are slightly smalller...
...old knives turned into bottle openers. They look so oldfashioned in a french way (cannot explain, but i know you understand). Made by cuttingupknives, unfortunately the website does not work - maybe you are lucky. But you can buy these via Pension für Produkte. A nice website btw.

There is a nice book of Superuse, too, by 010 publishers.