2 July 2007

Arnhem Fashion Biennale

On saturday we went to the Arnhem Fashion Biennale. As I studied in Arnhem it was a nice opportunity to get an idea of what is going on in that little town I left two years ago. Saturday was the last day of the exhibition so we were lucky to get a package of pappabubbles candies when we purchased our tickets. HAPPY FASHION was the motto of the biennale.

I decided to show you the following designs, because of what I saw they were the most striking.
Yoshikazu Yamagata in collaboration with knit artist mafuyu knitted and crocheted dresses as an allegory of his hometown. A very poetic approach to create something that can be worn, used as a product or that is just something to play with.

Bas Kosters could be called an all-round-designer more than just a fashion designer - he even makes music nowadays. His installation in Arnhem resembled a white-trash-trailer-park, except for the trailer was not a living space but a kiosk.