13 September 2007


Yesterday I saw that they already started to sell christmas sweets at the supermarket. That (besides that it makes me feel awkward when they start selling marzipan at the beginning of september) reminded me of my intention to look for christmas presents a little earlier then a week in advance - THE HORROR...

Actually I plan to do so every year and never really managed it yet. I only find myself looking for what I want for christmas.
So here are some jewellery that could be on my wishlist this year...

necklaces by Alex & Chloe

Fairytales - necklace and ring by Frau der Ringe

charm pin by Beci Orpin aka Princess Tina, available at BusyBeing

seventies style ginkgo necklace by Erica Weiner, available at chocosho

cute pin by Allira, available at chocosho