21 August 2007

c/o pop day two

On thursday UFFIE hit the stage together with FEADZ from Paris. They were supported by Mediengruppe Telekommander from Berlin and the colognebased local heroes MIT who performed first. They really did a good job, the sound was great and their singer was really funny (take it as a compliment).
Uffie only played four songs, until the crowd got out of control and conquered the stage.

I say conquer, because Uffie definitely could not control the situation. The security guys had to play it tough on the people and literally threw them off stage. When the stage was cleared Uffie had disappeared - but Feadz was going on and he really made the audience go crazy (this time they behaved) for some time more.

The credits for the look-of-the-night-picture go to les mads since i was not quick enough (or was I just to shy?) to take a picture of this guy...

He was a fashion exception that night since the rest were (almost) only new rave kids - no offence. The tattoos in combination with -or should I rather say in contrast to- that sophisticated suit just hit my eye immediately.