21 August 2007

c/pop day three

We planned to got to the concert of elektronic-rap-supergirls M.I.A. who were supported by SICK GIRLS (Berlin). BUT WE MISSED OUT ON THAT BECAUSE THEY DID NOT LET US IN!!! Grrr - I heard M.I.A was great.
So we stood waiting in front of the door, thinking about were to go instead. We already read about some kind of bus shuttle that brings you from location to location with music and drinks. But we did not expect what we saw then. It was a bus, like the ones for public transportation, with the number 666. Smoke came out of the door when it opened and out came some party people from denmark: the bus tour was organised by the guys of the Distortion festival which takes place in Copenhagen every year.
Besides great music they offered free drinks so we did not hesitate and jumped onto the bus.

in the bus

We really had the best night that days going with the bus from one location to the other. We ended up at the Kompakt Party in some huge industrial style building
The party was great - of course: Kompakt is one of the most popular electronic indie-labels in Germany and based in cologne, so they really made their hometown rock that night with their best line-up.

look of the night
the shiny shoes + the pants + the slightly maskuline white shirt + the slightly posh golden jacket = very smart style

djuna barnes - one of the hottest dj's in denmark right now.