9 August 2007

Do you like my big sweater?

Antoine Peters is obviously a huge (!!) fan of the world of sweaters - or is it more the other way round? His 2006 project is called "A sweater for the world" and he (the sweater) claims to wanted to be worn by "only" one percent of the world population.
Antoine Peters wants to go on a world tour with his two-person sweater - Amsterdam and Paris have been on his way so far. He is taking pictures of the people willing to wear his sweater. For his current collection he made a print of the pictures taken by now and turned the fabric into clothes itself.

But also in his 2006 collection he was kind of obsessed with great sweater - dresses.

I want one too!! But since I am only 1,59m tall (not small) i would probably drown in it - no, not probably - definitely!. Aren't the shoes great as well? They deserve a post of their own, so tune back in...