7 August 2007


photo taken from www.myspace.com/tayako
StilInBerlin just posted some pictures about this aerobic rave on the streets in Berlin. The 80s do not seem to be exhausted. Of course we saw it all coming since American Appaerel is such a hype... We had the leggins and the big shirts (just to mention a few things) for some time now, but I think there is still more to come - like neon and all other flashy colours.
You probably heard it - New Rave. Maybe Rave is more a nineties thing, but New Rave when it comes to the fashion is
definitely inspired by the 80s.

photo taken from BigShinyThing

To sum it up and to give you some more inspiration here is a video of the 80ies heroe / icon Mr.T commenting on fashion.