29 August 2007


Maybe some of you already wondered 'why does she say this blog is also about food?' Well, to be honest: I am obsessed with food. I am passionate about fashion and everything - but I am kind of obsessed with food. With good food, that is. I love cooking and I can spend the whole day on thinking what to prepare next. When I started this blog I only thought it to be natural that it would be about food as well. But since I am not going to post recipes and show you what I had for breakfast, lunch or dinner, food related topics should also be a bit of art. And here we come to the point: it is hard to find something like that. Much easier I stumbled upon fashion related stuff. But in the meantime, I collected at least some material about food+design+art.
To begin with I picked out the best food design material ever: CHOCOLATE!

Chocolate tiles with lace imprint by Katja Gruiters

Happy Easter! Is it really made of chocolate? By stick-a-thing

This one I found on my computer without any link - I just do not remember where I found it! Anyone who can help me out?
EDIT: designed by Tithi Kutchamuch, a london based designer

Mimico make toy memory sticks and for christmas you got a chocolate version as a present! Via notcot

That's the way to give your heart away! Part of a chocolate exhibtion in japanese gallery 21-21. Read more about it on PingMag.