31 August 2007

Biking in heels?

Via f&art I read about copenhagen girls on bikes and that it is apparently a sensation to ride your bike with heels, at least did Mahret respond to this post from do this don't.
Well , what else am I supposed to do when taking the metro is no option because of all the people having bodycontact (and in the end you end up walking much more)... and you do not have a car (plus driving the car is also dangerous with heels - isn't it even forbidden here in germany?). Of course I ride my bike with heels!
But I have to admit it is not really as easy as Mahret says, at least with my bike. The breaks are not doing that well, and sometimes at traffic lights I would have to more or less jump of my bike. That kinda hurts in heels.

Then I came across these shoes these shoes by ilovesheila, the so called 'Sheila Driving wheel'.
Apparently you can turn this heel with one click into a flat or the other way round. So here we go girls, this is the solution to all our problems!