1 September 2007


While looking for magazines who are willing to publish our work I sometimes come across very special ones. I originally sent our lookbook to Kirsten Hanssen, a freelance writer and fashion journaliste, and she asked me in return if I know some salespoints in cologne for her magazine B612.

'According to B612, fashion and style are not only about coolness and clothes, but cultural phenomena that are strongly related to societal developments. The name of the magazine is taken from the book ‘Le Petit Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. B612 is the name of the asteroid on which the main character of the book lives. His mini-planet is a condensed, simplified universe that represents the complex reality of the real world, just like fashion can be seen as a representation of larger things.
Each issue of B612 magazine will have a different theme, focusing on an upcoming or ongoing trend. The theme of issue 1 is ‘LOVELY CREATURES’. This refers to our changing relationship with animals and the fact that animals are becoming ubiquitous in fashion: from haute couture to streetwear. ‘LOVELY CREATURES’ covers a report about cow cuddling, an interview with the organization of NY Pet Fashion Week, a fashion shoot with the mascot of a leading jeans brand, and much more. B612 will appear twice a year. Issue 2 is expected in January 2008.'
text taken from their myspace

One of the things I liked most: it has no ads in it. This is probably going to change in the future, I don't know. Besides that there is more text - interesting text- than in some other fashion magazines.

Next to being a freelance writer and a co- founder of a magazine, Kirstin also runs an online shop for nice goodies - Bella and Buddhi.